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In 2018 we set out to expand our reach by implementing our own advice and strategies.

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The Goal

We set out to create a “loyal following”. A core group of people who would consistently watch our videos, follow us on social media, and even spend their hard-earned money on our merch.

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The Strategy

We decided to zero in on a niche that we were familiar with, which happened to be mixed martial arts. Being able to fluently speak the language of our viewers would tell them that we were just as interested in the topic as they were.

We then researched and capitalized on the more popular names and keywords in the MMA community. Using this built-in traffic would present us with greater visibility and therefore more opportunities to grow our channel upon every upload. We would give the MMA fans what they were already searching for, with our own creative spin.

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The Results

In one year we accumulated 75,000 YouTube subscribers, 15,000 Facebook followers, and 5,000 Instagram followers.

Prominent channels within our niche took notice of our work and shouted us out.

We were sponsored by Hayabusa, the leader in MMA fight and training gear.

Hundreds of thousands of people joined our live streams on YouTube.

We made thousands of dollars from our merch store.

We made thousands of dollars from YouTube Adsense revenue.

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The Takeaway


This would have been impossible without the use of video. Taking advantage of this medium, which consistently outperforms text and photo posts, created a strong online presence for our brand. This exposure across social media platforms (and thereby Google search results) has already yielded a promising ROI, as potential clients continue to discover us via our video posts.

We then have the opportunity to provide these clients with videos of their own. VERY circle of life-ish.





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