We need an operations Manager.


Who Are We?

We are Voto Studios, a video production and marketing company. We have a friendly and fun environment. We have big goals that you can read about below! 

What Do We Do?

Our client work comes in two forms, we have the video side and the marketing side. We can produce everything from live action videos to full on cartoons. We make commercials, facebook ads, youtube videos, company promos for websites, and animations for social media. Our marketing side is the newest side of the company. We fought becoming a marketing company for a long time, but it’s a big part of who we really are. We love making our own comedy videos and growing our own audience. We’ve been getting millions of views for our original social media content. We have over 100K followers and that’s going to grow exponentially during your time here. Creating brands and growing online communities comes naturally to us. We’ve now started offering full on marketing and it’s taking off! If you want to see our comedy YouTube channel, please see the VotoStudios link below.

Why Do We Need An Operations Manager?

This is now Alex, the owner, talking. Voto Studios has recently been growing at a fast pace. We have 5 employees right now and I’m feeling overwhelmed trying to keep it all organized. I need someone to join the company and help me manage all of our clients. None of my current employees like the prospect of being taken off of video work to communicate with clients. I’m looking for someone who would enjoy making sure that all of our projects are on schedule. You will probably join me in client meetings, and you might have to meet up with clients on your own. Historically, most of our clients have been from out of town, but that’s actually changing. We are now working with more local clients and I need help to keep those relationships personable. I am not expecting anyone with a video or marketing background. I am treating this as an entry level position, and I am sure that you are going to be doing a great deal of learning on the job. Once you are hired you will be helping me formulate your job duties. I will need to learn from you what you need to be successful manager. 

Tasks - What Will You Do As An Operations Manager?

You will need to help me with this. We are currently managing about 10-14 projects per month. We work with gmail and most of our documents are on Google Docs. Here are some of the things you will most likely be helping with. 

  • Someone to keep the whole team organized 

  • Handle a lot of client communication 

  • Attend client meetings with me and take notes

  • You don’t need to look for any clients, that’s my job

Things You Should Know

Our office is in Parlier. You will be working from the office, but you will have the opportunity to work from home. There is a good deal of flexibility that exists in this position. Most of my client meetings take place on the phone or in Fresno.  You will need your own transportation to get to meetings or video shoots. I like to vlog, so it would be great to work with someone who would be comfortable appearing in our videos. I like to give away a lot of free advice to other creators like ourselves. I like the open and transparent environment of the internet and I love to share how we do things at Voto. You don’t have to be an outgoing presence on screen, but at least be comfortable with the idea of appearing in multiple vlogs. 


$15 an hour

Full time position

Cool things about us

We have a creative, fun and friendly atmosphere.

No one is micromanaged here and we don’t yell at employees.

We have big goals. We don’t just want to run a successful production and marketing company, we want to run our own studio and produce shows and movies that we fund ourselves.

You will be managing client work and fun youtube videos that get millions of views.

What’s Next?

The most important thing for us to know is that you are a good team player. If you are interested in the position, please send us an email at alex@votostudios.com 

There is no requirement for the email that you send to us. We don’t require a resume or previous experience. If it makes you comfortable to send that, then go ahead and include it in the email. We just need to hear what you think of the position and why you think it feels like a good fit for you. After that we will conduct some phone or in person interviews. I will have you meet with myself, my head of creative (Vincent), and my head of production (JP). We want the job to be challenging, but we don’t have an intimidating environment. We want everyone to feel comfortable around any member of the team. 

Fun Links That You Can Check Out

Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/votostudios
Our Behind The Scenes Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVotoBlog

You can apply by just filling out the form below! :) Good luck!

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